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About Us

Pollard Products Pty Ltd was founded by Ian Pollard in September 1993 to manufacture motorsport components.

We specialize in composties, mainly in Carbon Fibre.

Most of our work is directly with race teams, (I can't publicly display any of these parts)

We built parts for factory teams and still have moulds for a lot of Kawasaki and Ducati superbikes.

We also built the carbon fibre components for the Mazda RX7-SP which we still own the moulds for and sell these parts through PAC Performance, who we also build a lot of other model Mazda parts as well as drag racing components.

We now build a lot of carbon fibre Porsche parts for Noosa Cat. (Noosa Cat own the moulds and contract us to produce the parts)

We usually do not keep parts in stock we only produce parts to order.

Over the years we have also produced parts for things like robotic parts, fans and fan blades, train parts, medical components, aircraft parts, industrial and a lot more. We do a lot of the development work on parts for our customers including the Pattern Making, Plug and Bucks as well as the Moulds.

We use a few processes to produce our Carbon Fibre parts, like Wet Lay Vacuum Bagged and Vacuum Infusion. With our Vacuum Infusion we use single sided and envolope bagging in both Plastic Bag and Silicone Bag as well as closed moulding processes, RTM and LRTM.

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